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Service List

The listing below is intended to provide an overall feel of the services available.† The services provided are adjusted to match the needs of each client and then modified as needs change.


Bill Payment

Bank Reconciliation†


Financial Statements

Other services as needed

Full Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

Consulting Services

Quarterly Payroll Tax Reports

Annual Payroll Tax Reports

Sales Tax Reports

Individual Tax Returns

Partnership Tax Returns

Corporate Tax Returns

Resolve IRS Issues On Your Behalf


Tax Preparation

A combination of Consulting and Tax knowledge is applied to identify options to increase your wealth and decrease your taxes.† Awareness of your options and the impact of each option is critical to making wise choices and planning for your future.

Tax & Business Planning

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We Help You Grow

QuickBooks Setup

QuickBooks Training

QuickBooks Cleanup for businesses †††††††††††† that ďgot in over their headsĒ

Account Analysis & Budget Projections†††

Other services as needed


Donít Let Taxes Get You Down!!!

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